Who we are

The national board of BeMSA consists of an Executive Board (EB) and a Team of Officials (TO).
As of October 1st 2016, the members of the board are:

Executive Board:

  • President: Wouter Vanbilloen - president(at)BelgianMSA.be
  • Vice-President: Felicitas Beger - vp(at)BelgianMSA.be
  • Presidents'-Team-member: Alexander Brezina
  • Secretary-General-Team (SecGen): Koen Demaegd, Lies Goossens, Charlotte Deltour - secgen(at)BelgianMSA.be
  • Treasurers: Julien Van Den Broucke, Rémi Gérard - treasurer(at)BelgianMSA.be
  • PR: Niklas Van Hulle


Team of Officials:

  • National Officer on Sexual and Reproductive Health including HIV/Aids (NORA): Yasnaia Bruneel - SCORA(at)BelgianMSA.be
  • National Officers on Research Exchange (NOREs): Johanna Jacobs (NOREout), Nika De Wilde (NOREin) - nore(at)BelgianMSA.be
  • National Exchange Officers (NEOs): Egon Deweerdt (NEOout), Joris De Keersmaecker (NEOin) - neo(at)BelgianMSA.be