Emergency Volunteer Assistance Program (EVAP)

Cooperation between BeMSA and EVAP had been inevitable since the latter was founded last July, because both organisations exist by and for medical students and their goal is to give motivated students the chance to experience medicine outside of their education and expand their horizon using practice. On top of this a lot members of EVAP were or are still active within BeMSA Ghent or BeMSA.

Recently this cooperation became formal in the form of a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ (MoA), in which BeMSA declared to support EVAP and make the project known at different universities. Thomas Tackaert became the EVAP contact person. He is also the general secretary for BeMSA. EVAP also promised to brief BeMSA about its progress and projects.

More information about EVAP can be found on: www.emergencyvolunteerassistanceprogram.org