Call for March Meeting 2015

Dear medical students,
The March Meeting (MM) is approaching fast, so it is time to put together a delegation.
Firstly, there is a reason this email is written in English. The official language of IFMSA is English, therefore it is an absolute necessity that you have a decent level of English, to be able to function at the General Assembly (GA).
The basics on IFMSA and GAs, can be found in this document ( Please read this document first.
The MM will be held in Antalya, Turkey. Starting on Monday 2nd of March and ending on Sunday the 8th of March. The first day and last day are the arrival and departure day, so you will be home on time to be in class on Monday 9th of March.
We have 8 early spots and 8 late spots. The price for an early spot is €310, the late will be €520.
The invitation package has been send this week. You can find it here:
How to apply
We expect three documents written in English from everyone who would like to apply:

  • motivation letter, including what you would like to do there, why you would like to go, and what will be the benefit for BeMSA local or national (or international) of your attendance (max. two pages)
  • plan of action: describe step by step how you will reach the goals mentioned in your motivation letter (max. two pages)
  • document stating past international experience (IFMSA GA, EMSA GA, EMSA NCM, EuRegMe, NGA from another NMO, SECSE, EPHECT, SRT, TNT, ...) (max. one page)

These documents make it possible for the EB to select a balanced delegation. Every EB-member has a vote in this process.
Important deadlines
The three documents that are expected from the candidates have to be in my mailbox ( on Sunday 30th of November 23:59 GMT the latest. Everyone that hasn’t send in their documents before this deadline will not be considered for an early spot.
The application deadline for the late registration will be communicated later on.
You are applying for an IFMSA event, hence we will use the IFMSA rules. The deadlines are extremely strict. There will be a grace period of 10 minutes to make up for any delays due to technical difficulties. But passed the deadline is passed the deadline.
A General Assembly is a huge event that unites medical students from all over the world to discuss hot topics of the organisation. It's the ideal way to get to know IFMSA and to get enthusiastic about BeMSA and what we do. If you’re in doubt about whether or not you want to go, please contact me or someone else that attended a GA before. We will be happy to help you with your questions or concerns.
Best wishes,

Alexander Huybrechts
BeMSA-President 2014-2015